How Does This Work?
Design Hours & Turnaround Time
Printing Suggestions
Payment Methods
Store Policies & Terms of Use


How Does This Work?

  • Instant Download Items: Immediately after you order, you’ll receive a receipt with a download link to your file. (Note: This is a pink & white Nifty Printables receipt, NOT your Paypal receipt)  Click the link(s) and download the file. It’s ready to print! Note: Download links expire after 30 days and/or 10 downloads but if the link expires, just send me an email and I’ll re-up it for you. Best to save the file to your computer so you won’t need to download it again, you’ll always have it on hand.
  • Invitations (FYI, I’m phasing out of printable invites & moving to printed versions only…in case you’re wondering where a bunch of my items went): As soon as I create your invite and get it looking all fabulously gorgeous, I’ll then email you a proof (a preview-sized image of the item) for approval.  You’ll either say “Oh my goodness, I adore it!” (or you know, something to that effect) or ask me to tweak it. Once it’s approved, I’ll email you the final file: a high-resolution version to print at home, take to a print shop or upload to an online printer.
  • Printed Items: These items are offered and fulfilled on Zazzle. Follow the link to see the item, then customize if needed (you can even get down and dirty with fonts and placement using their Customize button)

Design Hours & Turnaround Time

1. What are your work hours?

Sadly (but in your favor), I’m a computer junkie with no life so I’m almost always working, but for my own mental self-preservation, let’s pretend I keep the following hours: • M-F: 8:30am – 6pm EST • Sat/Sun: 8:30am – 12pm EST Regardless, you’re likely to hear from me (and receive proofs & files) until my bedtime, but this way if you don’t…you can’t be mad at me.

2. What is the turnaround time for invitations and other customized items?

Currently, I’m able to ensure a 24-hour turnaround time for the first proof. Once the proof has been approved, I email your item soon after. Please, always check your Spam folder as well as the inbox (AOL in particular seems to hate me).  And don’t be shy about contacting me if you haven’t received a file you were expecting (though I’ll start by asking if you looked in your Spam folder and you’ll probably reply, “Oh my goodness, yep it was there.”)  

Printing Suggestions

1. Can you print and ship my items for me?

I offer a selection of printed items via Zazzle, those items are clearly marked to take you to the Zazzle site.  I don’t print or ship any items purchased directly on this website, though.

2. I’m ordering a printable invitation, do I choose PDF or a JPG? It’s all so confusing!!

Now, now, Little One, this is much less mysterious than you imagine:
  • PDFs have 2 on a page and are perfect for printing at home, taking to a printer or an office-supply printing place like Staples, Fedex/Kinkos or Office Depot. They’ll print and trim them for you (for a small trim fee) without any ado at all.  Note: if printing at home, you’ll want to use a paper cutter.
  • JPGs are for taking to a photo lab (Walmart, Costco, Walgreens) or for uploading to an online printing service.

3. Where do you suggest I get my invitations printed?

I’m actually a huge fan of office printing places because they’re as prevalent as pollen and really inexpensive.  So Staples, Kinkos, Office Depot, etc. are an easy-peasy solution. If using online printing services, my recommendations are…     For standard 5×7 Invitations: * I’m not a fan of Vistaprint for invitations because their 5×7’s are a weird size (not 5×7). If you really want to use them, please let me know from the get-go so I can resize them.

5. What kind of paper should I use?

White card stock or photo paper. As mentioned below, for the glitter designs, paper with a little sheen is nice but it’s totally up to you what finish you’d like your items to be. The main thing is that it must be white, the color comes ALL from the design, so do not get colored paper or it will affect the entire print negatively, tinting everything that color. No gooda! The one exception is if it’s a design that’s entirely black ink on a white background (I have one!), then you can use a colored card stock.

4. Do I have to do anything special to print the glitter designs? How well do they print?

They print fabulously, even from home inkjets! My Etsy reviews are full of happy glitter-printing campers.  It’s basically a photo of glitter so it comes out the way you see on screen – it just won’t shimmer in differing light the way real glitter does.  They do especially well printed on paper with a little gloss (photo paper or glossy card stock for home printing or glossy/semi-glossy card stock if having them done) because the added sheen helps the effect and also helps the glitter colors pop. But they’ll still look fab with matte.  

Payment Methods

I accept Paypal so you can either pay via your Paypal account or with a credit card (you don’t need a Paypal account).  

Store Policies & Terms

1. Allowed Usage

  • Invitations, Wall Art & all party printable items (labels, toppers, signs, prints, etc.) are for Personal Use only – no commercial usage allowed.
  • Alphabet sets: commercial use is totally A-OK (though you may not resell the digital files, they must used in a project).
  • Sharing any of my digital files is prohibited.

2. Refunds & Exchanges

Customized items: Due to the nature of custom work, once a proof has been sent for approval, no refunds will be given. Instant Download Items: Once the files have been downloaded, no refunds will be given. Printed items from Zazzle: Zazzle has their own refund policy, here’s their return page: http://www.zazzle.com/returns
Please rest assured that I aim for a truly wonderful customer experience (I love to be loved!) so my goal is to see you happy, and I will try to work with you to that end.

3. Communication

I have a 7-day Communication Policy: If, after I’ve emailed your first proof, I don’t hear back from you within 7 days (I’ll nudge you a couple times), then on the 8th day I’ll email you the final file(s) and mark the order “complete”. Any revisions after that point will be subject to a small editing fee.