Graduation Invitations – Chalkboard & Lights

Graduating soon? Or perhaps you have a graduating son or daughter you couldn’t be more proud of. For a stylish graduation party with festive flair, check out these chalkboard themed grad invites with glowing lights at the top. For teachers, engineers, doctors, dentist, MBAs and more! Plus, if you don’t see your degree in the collection, the text is completely editable, so you can change it to suit your situation. From Flo’s Paperie.
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Girls Bicycle Birthday Invitations – Cute Pink Bike

These cute little girls with their pink bikes will be a lovely and sporty way to invite your daughter’s friends to her bday party. Find it at Adorable Shirts & Gifts.
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Boys Skateboard Birthday Invitations

Cute skateboard invitations for the kid in your life. These active little birthday boys with their skateboards and cool t-shirts are just the ticket for your sporty son’s skateboard birthday party. Available in several hair colors and dark skin, find them at Adorable Shirts & Gifts.
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Cute Ladybug T-shirts & Gifts

Such a happy, smiling ladybug (or ladybird depending on your locale). Standing on a green leaf, this red, black and white cute ladybug design comes in shirts, gifts items and invitations. Find it at Adorable Shirts & Gifts.
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Ballet Toe Shoes – Gift Items

It’s a beautiful ballerina kind of life…or should be anyway. If you’re a dancer or love the arts, these ballet pointe shoes with satin ribbons, damask background and gold accents are likely right up your alley. On posters, mugs, pillows, postcards and more. From Flo’s Paperie.
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First Holy Communion Invitations

Feast your eyes on our bountiful selection of Communion invites for boys and girls ceremonies. Many colors to choose from as well as elegant or a more casual invitation feel. All have solid backs so you can add your child’s photo and/or text. From Flo’s Paperie. Click in for coupon codes, there’s always some fab savings going on!
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