The Facelift Abstract Art & Gifts

The Facelift features a faceless character with white bandages suggesting cosmetic surgery. In pink, peach [...]

The Toothbrush Your Dentist Gave You Abstract Art & Gifts

The Toothbrush Your Dentist Gave You features a whimsical drawn toothbrush with a myriad of [...]

She Had A Microscope Abstract Art & Gifts

She Had A Microscope features a drawn whimsical microscope in green, black and white and [...]

The Scorpion Abstract Art & Gifts

The Scorpion features a whimsical drawn scorpion type collection of shapes with pincers at top [...]

An Unassuming Superhero Abstract Art & Gifts

An Unassuming Superhero features an imaginative collection of shapes suggesting a superhero with cape and [...]

I Will Not Kill My Plant Abstract Art & Gifts

I Will Not Kill My Plant features a wilting plant in a whimsical vase over [...]

Her Little Apartment Abstract Art & Gifts

Her Little Apartment in green and rust brown features whimsically drawn shapes indicative of a [...]

Morning’s Undulations Abstract Art & Gifts

Morning’s Undulations features a sun in a bed type shape rising over a yellow and [...]

Picnic In February Abstract Art & Gifts

Picnic In February features a white, whimsical drawn tree shape over an abstract pink, yellow [...]

The Conductor Abstract Art & Gifts

The Conductor abstract featuring the shapes suggestive of a music stand and clef type swirls [...]