Bonaire Scuba Diver Gifts & T-shirts – Retro Scuba Flag

Bonaire scuba gifts and shirts for fun vintage scuba diving style. Featuring a red scuba diving flag as the dramatic backdrop, a vintage blue scuba diver floats across with the word “Scuba” above and “Bonaire” below. These cool red, white and blue retro Bonaire Caribbean diving gift items and scuba t-shirts will make excellent dive travel souvenirs for the scuba diver in your life. Or pick one up for yourself; a reminder of diving in Bonaire, or the dream of a future dive trip to Bonaire. From coffee mugs, ornaments, puzzles, posters to postcards.
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Cape May Gifts & T-shirts – Starfish Unplug

Unplug In Cape May is the directive on these cool Cape May New Jersey gift items. Featuring a vintage starfish in the center on a turquoise background with yellow and white retro lettering, you’ll want to unwind and leave your technology behind when on a sweet, summer Cape May vacation. Available as Cape May coffee mugs, Cape May jigsaw puzzle, cool vintage Cape May postcards, Cape May posters, Cape May t-shirts and more.
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El Paso Texas Gifts – Colorful Longhorn Bull

Behold a fine collection of El Paso gifts for you and yours. Guaranteed Longhorn Approved, these colorfully fun El Paso Texas gift items can be found on posters, postcards, magnets and jigsaw puzzles. The bull is bright and cheery in abstract painted red, blue, turquoise, and orange on an off-white neutral shaded background. A unique Texas city design, it makes great corporate gifts, office art, or home decor.
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Joplin Missouri – Route 66 – Gift Items, Cards & Wall Art

Joplin Rt. 66 vintage travel design in red, white and blue. Features the words “Joplin, Route 66, An American Adventure” in retro style script with a lovely large red, white and blue highway emblem in the center. All this, over a sunburst blue and white background. This cool road trip design is available in Joplin jigsaw puzzles, posters, postcards and more. Also available as a transfer design, so you can put it on tons of different products.

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Santa Rosa California Gifts – Colorful Sunshine

Colorfully fun Santa Rosa, California sun design in abstract paint strokes with the text “Sunshine Approved” below the city and state. A cheerful and artistically sunny addition to any home or office. Available in Santa Rosa magnets, Santa Rosa jigsaw puzzle, Santa Rosa posters and Santa Rosa postcards.
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Puerto Rico Gifts & T-shirts – Vintage Dolphin

“See You In Puerto Rico” says these cool vintage Puerto Rico gift items. It stars a happy vintage dolphin leaping across the design on a turquoise background with red and white retro lettering. Available as Puerto Rico coffee mugs, Puerto Rico jigsaw puzzle, cool vintage Puerto Rico postcards, Puerto Rico posters, and Puerto Rico t-shirts.
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