Orlando Florida Sunshine

Colorfully fun sunshine approved Orlando, Florida design in abstract paint strokes. A cheerful sunny addition to any home or office. More locations in this style can be found at Scuba Flag Gifts.
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Kilimanjaro Mountain Climbing T-shirts

For all you mountain climbers out there, here’s a cool Kilimanjaro climber t-shirt in both mens and ladies styles (plus tons more styles available when you click in). “Been There, Done That” with mountainous letters and a B & D made from carabiners. From Location Tees.
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Vintage Scuba Mask – Pompano Beach Florida Gifts

A most excellent Pompano Beach Florida vintage scuba mask adorns all these fab gift items…it’s a scuba diving bonanza! The background is a Diver Down scuba flag in blue and white, then a light smattering of bubbles rise upon the word “Dive” boldly up top in alternating red and white. More locations in this style can be found at Scuba Flag Gifts.
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To Swim Is All – Swimmer Gifts & T-shirts

To Swim…That Is All! For all you swimmers out there, you know that nothing really matters except getting your body in that cool aqua environment and swimming like the fish you are. This fun retro design is blue and turquoise, like the water you love, and has a funky funny retro vibe to it, finger pointing and swimmer swimming. From Flo’s Paperie.
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Retro Desert Arizona Postcards – Fun Cartoon Style

If this isn’t a collection of cool, cute vintage style Arizona postcards, then I don’t know it is! Warm red rock cliffs on the side with a green cactus in front, the city name on top and “Arizona” below, with a bright blue sky to finish it off. Of course, this designs comes in lots of other gift goodies, but for now, feast your eyes on these Arizona city postcard beauties. Find more from this design at Flo’s Paperie.
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California Surfing Postcards – Red Surfboard

So this is what a page full of cool California surfing postcards looks like! I know you were wondering about that, glad to help. As per usual, this design comes on a bunch of other products and for more states besides California, but for now, let’s enjoy the bright red surfboard over a ocean waves with big blue typography, countered with the black handwritten type, finished off with and that worn, shabby cool effect bringing it all together. Wouldn’t they be fun to send? Yes, I totally agree…dude. Find more from this design at Flo’s Paperie.
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