Key West Florida Gifts – Vintage Palm Tree

A vintage beach palm tree collection of Key West gifts for you and yours. Featuring a curvy vintage palm tree on a sandy beach at the oceans edge, blue skies above and trees in the back with the words “Key West Florida” in red retro style text. These vintage Key West gift items are available on posters, postcards, Key West coffee mugs, ornaments, mouse pads, magnets, Key West jigsaw puzzles, throw pillows, cool Key West stickers and more! Find them at Flo’s Paperie.
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Myrtle Beach SC Gifts & T-shirts – Sandy Beach

A summer vintage Greetings From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina beach scene with bright blue sky filled with puffy white clouds, and sandy beach with a wooden fence to the ocean. Available in several gift items, including postcards, posters, ornaments, coffee mugs and Myrtle Beach shirts. Find them all at Flo’s Paperie.
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Kentucky Lake Gifts & T-shirts – Vintage Blue Fish

This stylish Greetings from Kentucky Lake design boasts a cool vintage blue fish with red accents and summer camp style text. Available on a swell collection of gift items: Kentucky Lake coffee mugs, postcards, posters, jigsaw puzzle, ornaments and Kentucky Lake shirts. When you’re done fishing or swimming at the lake, you can find these at Flo’s Paperie.
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Sarasota Florida Golf Gifts & T-shirts

Unique retro style Sarasota, Florida golfing gift items and shirts, including Sarasota jigsaw puzzles, Sarasota coffee mugs, Sarasota postcards and Sarasota FL golf posters. And there’s more where these came from! Visit Scuba Flag Gifts for the complete collection of vintage golfing destination gifts.
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New Hampshire Gifts & T-shirts – Starfish Unplug

Unplug In New Hampshire is the directive of these cool New Hampshire state gift items. Featuring a vintage starfish in the center on a turquoise background with yellow and white retro lettering, you’ll want to unwind and leave your technology behind when on a sweet, summer New Hampshire vacation. Available as New Hampshire coffee mugs, New Hampshire jigsaw puzzle, cool vintage New Hampshire postcards, New Hampshire posters, New Hampshire t-shirts and more. See the full New Hampshire Starfish collection at Scuba Flag Gifts.
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Temecula California Gifts – Colorful Sunshine

Colorfully fun Temecula, California sun design in abstract paint strokes with the text “Sunshine Approved” below the city and state. A cheerful and artistically sunny addition to any home or office. Available in Temecula magnets, Temecula jigsaw puzzle, Temecula posters and Temecula postcards. More locations in this style can be found at Scuba Flag Gifts.
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