Face2Oh hey. Flo here, owner & creator of Nifty Printables.

I’ve been designing for eons. Until 2014, however, it was always in addition to various other occupations (voiceover actress & architectural drafter, among others) but when I opened a little shop on Etsy, it soon blossomed into something substantial and suddenly, design became the Only Thing.

I’m now a full-time invitation/party goods designer, loving every second of it – which is hugely ironic since I totally suck at actual celebration (I’d rather have bamboo shoots up my fingernails than ever be expected to throw a party).

While that makes me an eternally half-crappy friend, the one festive thing I can confidently share with the world is a growing collection of cool party items for your next bash. From sophisticated to cute, vintage to modern to just about everything, I live for experimentation, constantly striving to bring something unique and interesting to the table.

But enough “I Am Me Blah Me Me Blah”, have a look around and please keep Nifty Printables in mind for your next party. Just don’t ask me to do any custom work – I feel about custom work the way I feel about throwing parties…best left to someone less hormonal.